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Forty Families

We need 40 more Thanksgiving boxes in the next

… otherwise 40 local families will go hungry on Thanksgiving.

Our community is so kind and supportive—reaching out when a fire destroys a family’s home. Searching for weeks and even months when a family’s dog is missing. Donating time and money to help pay crushing medical bills. Please, can we reach a little deeper and make sure that these forty families have something to eat this Thanksgiving?

I know you are busy. Please make the time.

By noon, Tuesday, November 26th, we need to have something to offer every hungry family that comes. Please help support those who are struggling.

Click on the link below to see what exactly is needed for a Thanksgiving box and for details regarding where to drop it off and who to contact.

Thank you. Thank you for acting on your generous impulse and helping! I promise, as you sit overstuffed on Thanksgiving day, wondering if you can find room for more pie, you will be happier knowing that you have helped someone else enjoy a day of plenty.


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