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Food Drive TOMORROW!

308 children a month depend on our pantry.

Tomorrow (Saturday, November 16) please come out to Wal-mart on Trooper Road between 9am and 2pm to drop by a donation for The Daily Bread Community Food Pantry!

Without your donations, our shelves will be bare!

We need:

-Canned Items: fruit, vegetables, soups, tomato products, pasta (ravioli, spaghetti, etc.)

-Cereal: instant oatmeal, boxed cereals, cereal bars

-Snack Foods: Chips, cookies, cake mixes


(*These are items that cannot be purchased using food stamps!*)

Laundry soap

Dish soap

Personal care items: shaving cream, razors, feminine hygiene products, deodorant

Toilet Paper

Paper Towels

Cleaning Products

These are priority needs! Every single donation will be appreciated and used to bless the average 267 local families we serve monthly!

This particular food drive benefiting The Daily Bread Community Food Pantry has been an annual event sponsored by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints since 2012.

As a member of this congregation, it has been a fun experience for our family to participate in this event each year. With my four children, we have shivered in the cold, handing out lists of needed items to shoppers as they enter the store. We have loaded and unloaded donations in and out of cars and trucks.

By far, one of our favorite ways to participate is when we take the donated bags and sort them into the various categories: cereal, canned fruit, diapers, and personal care items. My youngest was only 6 years old for the first food drive and she LOVED to sort everything and to run it to the correct crate for repackaging!

The end of the drive has everyone who owns a truck or who can borrow a truck helping to load the donations to take them from our church building to the pantry, where more volunteers wait to help unload.

Everyone helps and every single donation to the pantry helps fill a local need. Please consider stopping by tomorrow to help fill our empty shelves!

Thank you so much!


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